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The girl, the monster, the prince, the queen.

They broke the world.

And some things can never be undone.

In Emily A. Duncan’s Blessed Monsters, they must unite once more to fight the dark chaos they've unleashed—but is it already too late?

The startling conclusion to the instant New York Times bestselling Something Dark and Holy trilogy.

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Title:Blessed Monsters
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    Blessed Monsters Reviews

  • Emily Duncan

    things in this book:cannibalism swamp zombieseldritch godsreally big spiders monster-sonas of course more eyeballssibling bonding under duress oh god so much kissing Katya Thinks Her Life Was Better B...

  • ? Tabi? ?

    FYI: I'm sad & weary to report this author has been outed as yet another person who finds it easier to be problematic than supportive of PoC and their cultures??? I just want to know all the character...

  • sol

    the author has been saying racist and anti-Semitic shit on twitter so no...

  • Elena

    we don't support authors who are anti-semitic (and other problematic things) in this household

  • Melissa ? Dog/Wolf Lover ? Martin

    Meh, I don’t know! I skim read a lot of the book. I liked it, but I wanted All the heated scenes with Malachiasz and Nadya but it wasn’t like that. Yes, there is stuff but it dragged arse to those...

  • Mash

    I was really anticipating this release but I have been made aware of all the issues regarding this author and I no longer support them/her. If you are interested and would like to know more, I suggest...

  • Hailey

    Update 4/6/2021: It has recently come to light that this book series was confirmed by the author to have antisemitic plotlines centered around blood libel and the conspiracy of Jewish analogs as the s...

  • Mia

    No talent and insecure racist pick a struggle......

  • jessica

    least favourite book in the series for the following reasons:- too long between books and didnt feel like doing a reread, so completely forgot what happened in the previous book, and there are no litt...


    ah yesanother problematic/racist author who has perpetuated harmful stereotypes and (literally, in-mental-health terms) triggered people with their insensitive behavior and refusal to own up to any of...