Remain in Love: Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, Tina

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Two iconic bands. An unforgettable life.

One of the most dynamic groups of the '70s and '80s, Talking Heads, founded by drummer Chris Frantz, his girlfriend Tina Weymouth, and lead singer David Byrne, burst onto the music scene, playing at CBGBs, touring Europe with the Ramones, and creating hits like "Psycho Killer" and "Burning Down the House" that captured the post-baby boom generation's intense, affectless style.

In Remain in Love, Frantz writes about the beginnings of Talking Heads--their days as art students in Providence, moving to the sparse Chrystie Street loft Frantz, Weymouth, and Byrne shared where the music that defined an era was written. With never-before-seen photos and immersive vivid detail, Frantz describes life on tour, down to the meals eaten and the clothes worn--and reveals the mechanics of a long and complicated working relationship with a mercurial frontman.

At the heart of Remain in Love is Frantz's love for Weymouth: their once-in-a-lifetime connection as lovers, musicians, and bandmates, and how their creativity surged with the creation of their own band Tom Tom Club, bringing a fresh Afro-Caribbean beat to hits like "Genius of Love."

Studded with memorable places and names from the era--Grace Jones, Andy Warhol, Stephen Sprouse, Lou Reed, Brian Eno, and Debbie Harry among them--Remain in Love is a frank and open memoir of an emblematic life in music and in love.

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Title:Remain in Love: Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, Tina
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  • Dave

    Chris Frantz ends his autobiography by explaining that he's not a person who "moves on" from friends and family. Instead, he "remains" and "remains in love." Chris Frantz and his wife Tina Weymouth ha...

  • Geoff

    Talking Heads are one of my favorite bands of all time, so I was very interested to read this memoir account by drummer Chris Frantz. Frantz and his wife Tina Weymouth were the rhythm section for the ...

  • Martin

    This is the 4th rock autobiography I've read or listened to (Peart, Helm, R. Robinson). By far, it is the worst. If we add up everything Frantz writes about meals eaten 40 years ago in restaurants tha...

  • Tosh

    Kimley and I on our podcast BOOK MUSIK discuss the Chris Frantz memoir. I was disappointed with the book. Hear the podcast here: Book Musik podcast...

  • Theediscerning

    The author of this book, Charton Christopher Frantz, starts by saying not many books about his main band, Talking Heads, were much cop. Well, in a way this isn't either, but it at least is an official...

  • Elle

    I finally finished reading Remain In Love, the book by Chris Frantz, drummer for Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club. Man, I did not like this book at all. I can pretty much summarize this book by the 3 ma...

  • Kathryn

    ARC received from NetGalley for reviewMy initial reaction on finishing Chris Frantz's memoir came as a wave of relief, a feeling of happiness for having read a story steeped mainly in positivity while...

  • Daniel Field

    I should start by saying I truly think Chris Frantz is an amazing drummer and has always seemed to me a good person. There's something wonderful about the enduring love he has with Tina, and it is mad...

  • Mark Taylor

    The color of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen‘s clothing at Chris and Tina’s wedding is just one of the scintillating anecdotes that you’ll skim over while zipping through this pedestrian accou...

  • Quirkyreader

    First off, I won this in a goodreads giveaway. Thank you St. Martin’s press.The irony of this book is that I constantly have Tom Tom Club and Talking Heads Songs stuck in my head. Mostly “Gangster...