Human Diversity: Gender, Race, Class, and Genes

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All people are equal but, as Human Diversity explores, all groups of people are not the same -- a fascinating investigation of the genetics and neuroscience of human differences.
The thesis of Human Diversity is that advances in genetics and neuroscience are overthrowing an intellectual orthodoxy that has ruled the social sciences for decades. The core of the orthodoxy consists of three dogmas:

- Gender is a social construct.

- Race is a social construct.

- Class is a function of privilege.

The problem is that all three dogmas are half-truths. They have stifled progress in understanding the rich texture that biology adds to our understanding of the social, political, and economic worlds we live in.

It is not a story to be feared. "There are no monsters in the closet," Murray writes, "no dread doors we must fear opening." But it is a story that needs telling. Human Diversity does so without sensationalism, drawing on the most authoritative scientific findings, celebrating both our many differences and our common humanity.

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Title:Human Diversity: Gender, Race, Class, and Genes
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  • Lois

    *** Edited to add a TW: This review is apparently EXTREMELY triggering to racist white supremacist men. Proceed at your own risk:~Current books which deals with this subject matter and the rise of rac...

  • Roger John Jones

    It ain't what you know...It's what you know that just ain't so."The debate about nature versus nurture is not just one of many issues in social science. It is fundamental for everything involving huma...

  • Steve Stanton

    This revolutionary book is structured around ten empirical Propositions which are rigorously defended by veteran political scientist and sociologist, Charles Murray. He argues that the social sciences...

  • Emil O. W. Kirkegaard

    Formal review

  • ICanJustComeback

    Ok so this is a response to a person called Lois who wrote a very wrong and dishonest review. This person is also deleting every single response to her review in order to just insult the person and mi...

  • Ryan

    This is probably the book Charles Murray should have written, instead of The Bell Curve. It was basically a pretty reasonable introduction to modern genetics, combined with 10 basically uncontroversia...

  • Vagabond of Letters, DLitt

    7.5/10Not as good as 'The Bell Curve', but less theoretical and more irrefutable. No one with an iota of openness to the evidence could read this book and its references and consider race or gender to...

  • Fred Grn

    Before writing my review, I would like to quickly address a question you might ask yourself about this book if you haven't read it: is it a racist, white supremacist pseudo-scientific book?I think a f...

  • Golden

    Surprisingly well-rounded interpretation of the literature in a broad spectrum of subjects, all treated with respect and nuance. Colour me surprised!...

  • Dora Milaje Crochet

    This is not as racist as The Bell Curve.Because of The Bell Curve I went into this book with the knowledge that this author is a racist white supremacist, he has softened his stance but it is clearly ...