Sugar Rebels

Sugar Rebels Review

Crazy, fun, colourful baking powered by positivity and strength – that's Sugar Rebels!

Sugar Rebels is the book that fans of The Scran Line have been waiting for. It features its host and creator Nick Makrides' signature delicious and sometimes outrageous cupcakes, macarons and cakes – some old favourites, some exciting new recipes – presented alongside the story of The Scran Line and Nick’s path to success online and as a role model for the LGBTQI+ community.

Title:Sugar Rebels

    Sugar Rebels Reviews

  • Jannine

    Scranlicious!!!Looking forward to creating all of these! Especially after watching 'the scran line' on YouTube Deliciousness! Highly recommended to buy the book and watch on YouTube!! ...

  • Elizabeth Judd Taylor

    Colorful, imaginative & delicious. Love!...

  • M

    I loved this book! Not only was it an amazing cookbook with awesome recipes and great pictures, it also featured a personal story from Nick and lots of jokes. Loved this book! ❤...