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“Will get Buffy fans up in their feels.” —Entertainment Weekly on Slayer

Nina continues to learn how to use her slayer powers against enemies old and new in this second novel in the New York Times bestselling series from Kiersten White, set in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Now that Nina has turned the Watcher’s Castle into a utopia for hurt and lonely demons, she’s still waiting for the utopia part to kick in. With her sister Artemis gone and only a few people remaining at the castle—including her still-distant mother—Nina has her hands full. Plus, though she gained back her Slayer powers from Leo, they’re not feeling quite right after being held by the seriously evil succubus Eve, a.k.a. fake Watcher’s Council member and Leo’s mom.

And while Nina is dealing with the darkness inside, there’s also a new threat on the outside, portended by an odd triangle symbol that seems to be popping up everywhere, in connection with Sean’s demon drug ring as well as someone a bit closer to home. Because one near-apocalypse just isn’t enough, right?

The darkness always finds you. And once again, it’s coming for the Slayer.

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  • Helena of Eretz ?

    I received this complimentary ARC from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.I’m predicting that its title shall be...WATCHER! 💁🏻‍♀️ Just kidding. It’s CHOSEN. *grabby hands*...

  • C.G. Drews

    You know those books where you just have a really good time?! HERE is one. It just makes me nostalgic for my paranormal craze, when all I did was inhale Supernatural episodes and read Shadowhunters. T...

  • Hollis

    So, listen. My experience with book one wasn't awesome because the first 60% or so was frustrating af but I thought the ending was intense and interesting and as a result was looking forward to this s...

  • Carrie

    Chosen by Kiersten White is the second book in the young adult paranormal fantasy Slayer series. This series is a spin off and takes place in the same world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer after Buffy’s...

  • Sylvie {on semi-hiatus}

    4 out of 5 StarsI LOVED THIS!!!Even though I liked the first one better I still hella enjoyed this.also I lowkey want more, because one can not simply have enough stories about Buffyverse. :)...

  • Alyssa Mead

    edit 8/16/19: I NEED IT__________does it have a title? nopedoes it have a estimated release date? nopedoes it have a synopsis? nopedo I know if I’m even going to enjoy the first book, which comes ou...

  • Jenn

    ^^^ Literally me when I got my hands on this book. let's just state facts:- Buffy is my all time favorite show-Kiersten White is one of my favorite authorsWhen Kiersten announced she was doing a Buffy...

  • MissBecka

    This started off pretty slow and wasn't as exciting as the first book.She did move the plot along and I got to spend more time with some of my favourite characters (Hello there Doug!). I would probabl...

  • Sophie

    Review  3  surprisingly disappointed  stars  WARNING: PERSONAL UNPOPULAR OPINION⁠  This book took me totally by surprise! ⁠  I adored Slayer but here I was lost. The characters are all ...

  • Grffeline

    "There is no singular for cookies." Oh my... it was certainly good to meet all these characters again. I don't want to spoil who, just know that there are a couple of characters from Buffy The Vamp...