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"Any reader with a love for faeries, magic, and sometimes dark character motivations will love Tangled Web." - Online Book Club

"I couldn't put it down... This is a must read for anyone who enjoys fantasy." Carrie Rachelle Johnson, author of Journey to Glory.

When fifteen year old foster kid and diagnosed schizophrenic, Ryne, bumps into a strange man only she can see, the carefully constructed pretenses of her life start to crumble, forcing Ryne to choose between the safe, mundane, mortal world that’s labeled her crazy, or the magickal world of nightmares she has spent her life pretending doesn’t exist.

The truth will set you free. Not. At least, not for Arrynna Doe. The only thing the truth will bring Ryne is a straight jacket and a room at the local, state funded institution, again. So she lies- to her doctors, to her foster parents, to her best friend. Because, really, who’s going to believe there is a whole world filled with terrifying magickal creatures only she can see- faeries, witches, vampires, and werewolves, even dragons? That’s right, nobody!

Ryne has her routine mastered- pretend you’re normal, lie to everyone you know, ignore supernatural beings. And the routine works, until the day she acquires stalkers. Faerie stalkers.

As Ryne struggles to keep her days normal, she finds herself questioning the tenets’ of her life. Why can she see things that no one else can and why are these creatures suddenly interested in her? Because maybe there is more to it all than she ever dreamed.

Will she discover the truth? Or is she just as crazy as the doctors have always said? Either way, Ryne is facing a crossroads, and pretty soon she’s going to have to make a choice.

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  • Avid Bookivore

    Well, what do I say to such an amazing and well-told story? Let's start from the beginning, shall we. Tangled Web by: L.W. Tichy is a fun, entertaining and mesmerizing read. The book follows a child, ...

  • A.M. MSW

    Tangled Web is a perfect young adult novel. Not only does it follow a well developed young adult character, but it also introduces this audience to the paranormal/fantasy genres in a mature, but age a...

  • Carrie Johnson

    This fantasy novel is a real page-turner. I couldn't put it down. It is an original, creative story about a girl stuck between two worlds. I have never read anything like it! The author does an excell...

  • Rissa

    Ok. So I stayed up all night reading. Can’t be because I love missing sleep! Of course, it was only 266 pages. I was entranced by this world and Ryne’s way of dealing with it as she grows up. Rela...

  • Amanda

    The book is well written. Things move too slowly. I was constantly glancing at the page numbers. The author must be a fan of Frank Herbert's Dune. A bunch of the character names were reminiscent of it...

  • Michelle Randall

    Reviewed For Readers FavoriteWhen you are born being able to see things that most people can't and no one is willing to believe you, life can be difficult if not downright painful, lonely and depressi...

  • J C Steel

    Arrynna is an orphan, whose stories of myths and monsters leave her on psychiatric medication at a young age. When she is the only witness to her adoptive brother’s disappearance, and all she will s...

  • L.W. Tichy