Strong in the Broken Places: A Memoir of Redemption Through Wellness

Strong in the Broken Places: A Memoir of Redemption Through Wellness Review

Quentin Vennie shouldn’t be alivehe has walked a path that many don’t live long enough to write about. Growing up in Baltimore, he was surrounded by nothing but dead ends. Statistics mapped out his future, and he grew hostile toward a world that viewed him with suspicion and disdain. He’s been shot at, sold drugs up and down the East Coast, lingered on the brink of incarceration, and stared down death more than once. Haunted by feelings of abandonment and resentment, he struggled with chronic anxiety and depression and battled a crippling prescription drug addiction.

The day he contemplated taking his life was the day he rediscovered his purpose for living.

Vennie’s survival depended upon his finding a new path, but he didn’t know where to turn—his doctor was concerned only with prescribing more medication. Vennie refused, and in a desperate attempt to save his own life, decided to pursue a journey of natural healing. After researching a few self-healing methods, he immediately bought a juicer from an all-night grocery store. He started juicing in the hopes that it would help him repair his body and clear his mind. He jumped headfirst into the world of wellness and started incorporating yoga and meditation into his life. This “wellness trinity” helped him cut back on and then quit the many medications he was on, overcome his addictions, and ultimately, transform his life while inspiring others to find their own unique path to wellness.

Strong in the Broken Places is the harrowing story of Vennie’s life, the detours that almost ended it, and the inspiring turns that saved it. The odds were stacked against him, but he was able to defy expectations and claw his way out on his own terms. He is living proof that during our weakest moments, we have the power and ability to unlock unimaginable strength.

Title:Strong in the Broken Places: A Memoir of Redemption Through Wellness

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    Strong in the Broken Places: A Memoir of Redemption Through Wellness Reviews

  • Theresa

    An honest, inspiring read. The tagline explains the story best: "A memoir of addiction and redemption through wellness." And though this book is about Quentin's story--the struggles and negative influ...

  • Kate

    Quentin's journey is an honest and raw story of hitting rock bottom and defying expectations. This book reveals all the odds that were stacked against him and how he chose to create a better life than...

  • Colleen

    Great memoir on life, the cycle of addiction, and the constant struggle to beat that addiction (on a daily basis). Inspiring to see Quentin pull himself up again and again until he hit rock bottom and...

  • Rachel

    I devoured this book and you will too if you have ever had or know someone who has ever had anxiety, depression and/or addiction (so basically this for EVERYONE). Plus it beautifully taps into the und...

  • Jeanette

    Very much enjoyed this book. A story of the authors life into addiction & his path into the light. ...

  • Anita Darlene Qualls

    I loved it. Once started readind couldn't put it down....