Grit: The Banter and Brutality of the Late-Night Cab

Grit: The Banter and Brutality of the Late-Night Cab Review

The world of the cab driver is uncertain and even dangerous, populated by oddballs, weirdoes, comedians, eccentrics, head cases, prima donnas and hard cases. And they’re just the drivers.

Enter the ludicrous, humorous and sometimes violent world of the London cab driver; You never know what to expect, and during my years driving cabs I got myself into some scrapes.

Luckily I’ve met and befriended many characters along the way, and their stories deserve to be told.

In the last third of the book, I recall my time spent driving cab in the projects of Watts, Los Angeles, home of the infamous Bloods & Crips, during the early 80’s. I’ve intended to paint an ominous picture of a community destroyed by drugs, guns and violence. You’ll almost smell the omnipresent whiff of cheap wine, and feel the dirty lino under your feet.

Read the true life adventures of an English lad as he struggles to make a living amongst ‘gangstas’ who are arguably the most violent in the United States.

For anyone who has puked in the back of a cab, then argued over the fare at 3am, this book is your driver’s revenge. I’ve done my best to create a ‘living poem’ that is by turns thoughtful and brutal, but very funny.

People have always told me I’m a natural storyteller, but like every good cab driver I have an opinion on a range of hot issues, from the congestion charge to Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam.

You’ll be able to hear my characters, see them and, in some instances, actually smell them. They’ll leave their stain on you. You may well be able to relate to guys who used their fists and their wits, you may laugh at their humour and get their jokes, but it’ll be the thugs with guns and no soul who will unsettle you. I want you to be scared of them.

Title:Grit: The Banter and Brutality of the Late-Night Cab
Edition Language:English

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    Grit: The Banter and Brutality of the Late-Night Cab Reviews

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    I've always enjoyed non-fiction and this book is a reason why. It felt like I was down at the local pub listening to a mate tell me about his exploits as a cabbie. His hilarious and sometimes butt-cle...

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    The author portrays the gritty life of a mini cab driver from excellent hand-hand knowledge. The story is hilarious and honest to a fault. Who would have thought the life of a cab driver could be so a...

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    This is a realist look at the world as seen from the perspective of a London cabbie. Drama, humo(u)r,'s all here....

  • Bernie Morris

    Loved it....

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    Through his contact with thousands of people during a variety of jobs the author has become an astute observer of human nature and he uses his insights to great effect when relating his experiences as...

  • Patricia Clark

    Well written! Enjoyed the stories! Writers that draw one in and Help one to transcend time and place etc are my favorites. Got a sense of An overall philosophical sense of the cabbie as well! Nice one...

  • Sophia  McIntyre

    Not the book I thought it was going to be....entirely. Was hoping for more of the cab customers, didn't really need to read about his friends. What was written about the customers was perfect I just w...

  • Jordyn B

    This was okay. ...