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This third installment in the Atticus Fish series takes listeners on an unforgettable adventure through treacherous Baja California.

The storied pearl beds of La Paz were long thought destroyed, but when a local fisherman discovers a handful of rare, red-tinged pearls, it could mean big bucks — and even bigger trouble — for all involved. Enter billionaire expatriate Atticus Fish, who knows he’d better act fast before all hell breaks loose. He knows all too well the danger the discovery will bring, so when the pearls are brutally swiped from Fish, he and his trusty friend Skegs set off to capture the thief, running afoul of a host of lowlifes along the way.

“Morey capably mixes a bit of Donald Westlake with a little Brad Smith, a touch of Elmore Leonard, and a healthy dose of Carl Hiaasen . . . [He] walks the line . . . with the dexterity and superhuman balance of a veteran drinker acing a highway sobriety test." — Booklist

“Author Shaun Morey is Baja California’s Clive Cussler, but better, as he creates unique characters, gets you hooked in the first couple of pages.” — The Baja Sun

“What a fun read! . . . Morey wows the reader (and) keeps us guessing until the end . . .” — Suspense Magazine

Shaun Morey is the author of the bestselling Incredible Fishing Stories and Kids Incredible Fishing Stories, as well as the first two Atticus Fish novels, Wahoo Rhapsody and El Dorado Blues.

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    The Crooked Pearl Reviews

  • lynda

    I read for entertainment (mostly) and this book was certainly entertaining. I love that area of the Baha Sur and the hilarious mismash of characters are very endearing.... if you like eccentric. I tho...

  • Robert Sanderson

    Not BadNot a bad read, but certainly not as enjoyable as it's predecessors. The story lines and people just don't meet the previous novels - it was enjoyable, but felt more forced. ...

  • Alfred Jennings

    Third in the series is as good as the first two.I really like the way Shaun moves the story along. These are all hard books to put down. I really like the interplay between the characters....

  • Julie Bates

    I really enjoyed all 3 Atticus Fish novels!This final novel had vivid detail and an intriguing story line. The only reason I did notice it 5 stars was that it was too short and wrapped up too quickly....

  • Kara Jorges

    Fun installment in the Atticus Fish series....

  • Carol El Hawary

    Another light and fun read, Atticus Fish is a lovely character. There are several threads running through the story, and all of them end in a very satisfactory manner....

  • Cathy Ryan

    Several rare pearls, one huge and strangely shaped are found by an old fisherman who can’t believe his luck. He’s caught in a tsunami before he can get home and loses the pearls.Cue the bad guys.....

  • Donna Hromada

    Atticus Fish has become one of my favorite fictional characters!The only reason I gave 4 stars versus 5 stars is because the book wasn't long enough. The story line was incredibly imaginative and my a...

  • Brian Horvath

    Quick and enjoyable like the delay caused by bad weather in the Keys.Our boat Captain said "don't fret it will change soon!" Just like the luck and the results for every character in Crooked Pearl. A ...

  • Lee

    I received this book from Good Reads Giveaways and just finished it today. It's a fun book with great characters and it's an easy read. Atticus Fish, a billionaire bar owner in Baja California gets in...